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Ambassador tournaments


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1 - 135 Chips

How to Play

  • Open your preferred browser from mobile or desktop/laptop and visit website
  • You can Sign Up/Register if it is your first time, or else Login if already registered either with Facebook or Google.
  • Message will pop to allow for location capturing (for regulatory purpose), you may click on “ALLOW” when prompted. It is a mandatory requirement for legal compliance.
  • For playing Cash contests you will first need to deposit and add money to wallet. Click on Wallet Symbol top right corner in the application from the game lobby page.
  • Once you click the Wallet you will see the My Account page. Click on the “ADD MONEY” button. You may either select denomination for deposit or enter your denomination/amount for deposit. You will be redirected to the payment aggregator page for completing the deposit process. Once the deposit transaction is successfully completed you are ready to play cash games.
  • Once deposit is completed you may return to the main game lobby page and select to play any contest or game listed under “Game of Week / Influencer Tournaments / Advanced Premium Tournaments”. You can play the cash game and WIN cash prizes.
  • When you join the trivia battle contest, you will be shown, searching for the opponent player(s) screen. Minimum 2 players to start a contest, maximum 5 players
  • When matched, the game starts :) ; if not matched with any opponent, money gets refunded (in case of paid contests)
  • You will receive timed questions. Depending on the contest there will be 4 to 5 questions per contest.
  • If you answer within 2 seconds you get 6 points
  • If you answer in T > 2 and T < 5 seconds you get 4 points
  • If you answer in T > 4 and T < 9 seconds you get 2 points
  • If you answer in T > 8 and T < 11 seconds you get 1 points
  • At the end of each contest, you can rejoin the same contest or go back to home & browse other contest categories.

Contest Terms & Conditions

  • Only registered players (logged in) are eligible for the offer starting on the 14th of September 2023 to midnight (23:59 PST) of the 20th of September 2023.

  • The contest joining is FREE to play.

  • To avail the offer play & win maximum contests.

  • Top 1 Winners to get Chips in their wallet.

  • This is leaderboard contest, top 1 leaderboard winner will be declared winners based on the highest points scored.

  • Play as many contests to try and beat your own score.

  • Each player can play a maximum of 10 times in this contest. On the leaderboard, the system will automatically publish your best score from all the matches played.

  • The eligibility criteria to be part of the winner's LEADERBOARD is to play more and score higher than others.

  • Only one account per user is permitted on . If we detect multiple accounts of the same Player, then the entire Bonus/amount/NFT credited to each account would be debited and nullified, nor will such player(s) be eligible for any offer or contest winnings.

  • Winners to be declared based on Leaderboard on June 9th, 2023.

  • Employees of NextGenTM Inc., all subsidiaries, and its partners are not eligible to participate or opt for these Offers.

  • All Terms of Service and its Privacy policy will be applicable.

  • These Offers are subject to the sole discretion of management at & NextGenTM Inc.; management holds the right to withdraw/modify any of these Offers anytime without prior notice. Management retains the right to decide the outcome of any disputes. & NextGenTM Inc. management will have the right to publish the list of beneficiaries of these Offers on its website, social media, or any other media at any time it deems fit.

  • This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly and at your own risk.

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