Jayden Hosein

Basketball Player, America



Basketball Player, America

Jayden Hosein is an aspiring Basketball player from St Petersburg (FL) Northeast HS. He is a 6'2 155lb 2022 player from the Orlando camp of 2019. Cam coaches identified Jayden to have scholarship potential. He is currently playing for AAU Team and he has a great wingspan that allows the player to be a lockdown defender. In addition, Jayden has a great positional length, and if used rightly, it will be an advantage for him. He is seen doing a great job at distributing the floor. He makes proper use of his change of speed and direction and his athletic IQ has surpassed all of them at the camp. Jayden does great shooting the basketball in rhythm and holds high-level knowledge of good and bad shots. He has great ability with both hands and he can also finish on any defense. He has good motor skills as mentioned by his college coaches, and had physical and mental toughness throughout camp. He has a good understanding on the defensive side of the ball and with his continued hard work and development, he can reach heights.

Personal Information
College College Prep Academy, California
Listed height 6 ft 4 in
Listed weight155 lbs

Career Information
Team Grindhouse


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